Town of White Creek, Washington County

The Town of White Creek has been developing a Comprehensive Plan and Agriculture/Farmland Protect Plan through a community-driven process for the past five years. The plan’s collective vision and recommendations emanate from residents’ input, thoughts and views.

Watch upcoming editions of The Eagle for additional information about the Comprehensive Plan.  Copies of the Comprehensive Plan can be viewed at The Cambridge Public Library or Town of White Creek office.  It is available online at: www.planningbetterplaces.com/whitecreek .

Download the Draft Plan

Download the September 2011 Public Hearing Presentation

Download the Final Adopted Plan, December 2011

Site Plan, Subdivision and Mobile Home Law Updates:

The Town of White Creek has begun to implement its adopted Comprehensive Plan by working on updates to the local laws.  Preliminary drafts, submitted by the Town's consultant to be considered are:

What is a Comprehensive Plan/Ag Protection Plan

Draft Plan

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