Town of Lexington LTCR

Long Term Community Recovery program

The Town of Lexington is working on a Long Term Community Recovery program (LTCR), funded with a grant provided by NYS Department of State.

Long Term Community Recovery (LTCR) is a process for the Town to organize and take action to address the significant long-term implications of the Hurricane Irene flood. It is a forward-looking effort to address disaster recovery. The LTCR process will help us in reinventing ourselves as healthier, more sustainable and disaster resilient.

More information will be posted on this web page as the project progresses.

Final Project Documents

The LTCR has been completed. The final documents can be downloaded through the links below:

Final LTCR Maps:


The Draft LTCR has been completed, and will be presented at a Public Meeting on September 13th, at 4 PM at the Lexington Methodist Church on Route 13A. There will be food!. You can view the draft plan and appendix though the following lonks:


The results of the January 11 Worshop are summarized in the following documents:


You can download and view a copy of the brochure developed for the LTCR project, which explains more about the program.


The mail-survey is now complete, and we've compiled the results.


We've produced a large format poster to help publicize the project and upcoming events.

Business Roundtable

A roundtable discussion for business owners, prospective entrepreneurs, and artists and writers in Lexington was held in October 2013. View the notes from this meeting.

Other Documents


Meeting Notes

Notes and minutes for the committee meetings will be posted here, arranged by date:


This web page was prepared for the New York State Department of State with funds provided under Title 3 of the Environmental Protection Fund Act.

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